Your Story 
Deserves To Be Told

But why is no one listening?


You dream of reaching more people, inspiring them, and changing their lives. But how do you get your message heard?

This was my #1 problem when I started as a young priest. I was full of ideals, but my church was half empty. Until I radically changed direction and started using the power of social media.

I now reach hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world and I walk with them to help them on their journey of life and faith. My parish is the world.

Whether you are a content creator, a business owner, a pastor, a coach or a leader, I can help you take your social media game to the next level!

Are you a hidden social media superhero?

Group Coaching Program

A complete make-over of your mediachannels


You may be a hidden social media superhero if: 

✅  You love creating content to help other people, but struggle to find an audience

✅  You aim to have a life-changing impact on your followers, but you don't know where to start

✅  Your followers love you but you struggle to consistently produce new content

✅  You are not afraid to be challenged to learn and to improve to achieve amazing results

I personally coach a group of highly motivated content creators to develop their social media superpowers and to fly higher than they ever thought possible!

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I Can Speak at Your Event

In my talks, I share the secret to captivating large audiences by building bridges between completely different worlds:

ūüĒĶ¬† How I became¬†a¬†founding father¬†of the podcasting¬†revolution by taking a worldwide audience to the Vatican during the election of a new pope.

ūüĒĶ¬†¬†How I enabled hundreds of thousands of TV viewers to join me on¬†a 6 week pilgrimage on foot to Santiago de Compostela¬†using only my mobile phone.

ūüĒĶ¬†¬†How I currently reach millions of young people on YouTube and on TikTok by going where no priest has gone before.

My talks are for anyone who wants to learn new, fun and innovative ways to use media to reach out to the world.

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One on One Coaching

I have a limited amount of coaching slots available for people who seek personal, one on one coaching. This is my most intense form of coaching in which I accompany you step by step to realize your goals!

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SEE how I do it

My blog illustrates how I reach out to a world-wide audience with my stories, podcasts and videos.

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I'm Father Roderick

When I started working as a priest, I experienced first hand how difficult it is to reach people with my message. My church was half-empty and young people were nowhere to be found. After 5 years in the parish, I was burned out and discouraged.

A communications study in Rome changed everything. My podcasts, social media channels and YouTube and TikTok videos now reach millions of people.

I use my 20+ years of media experience to help people like you reach more people, create community and impact people's lives with your message.